As we make our way onto the dock we hear “EXCUSE ME CAN I HELP YOU” echoing behind us. All of the sudden you feel like you’re a tiny little cockroach and someone’s flicked on the light to expose you, and your natural inclination is just to flee as fast as you can. “Oh we were just going to take a photo, but if that’s not okay we’ll be on our way. We’re very sorry”. I mean was I not waving my hands up in peace? Can she not put together what’s happening here? Clearly I meant no harm.

Cardigan, c/o Twigg + Feather. 
Denim Dress, c/o Gap 
Jeans, Marshalls
Watch, c/o Bulova
Hat, c/o Envy
Chucks, c/o Soft Moc
Necklace & Rings, H&M 
Cross body Bag, Forever 21 (similar)
Sunnies, Celine c/o Smart buy Glasses.
Photos c/o Patrick Fulgencio 

Luckily we got the shot we were going for before trouble set sail on our plans. This shoot was an adventure to say the least, as it so often is when you’re working with Patrick Fulgencio (he’s so sweet, and so talented I just adore him). I think last time we got in trouble for having bikes in the gardens? If I remember correctly. Luckily I have a way of apologizing. Anyway… yesterday I had the absolutely pleasure of working with him, and his lovely other half Morgan who is equally as sweet (and handy) for this shoot. You might remember these shoots with him last summer (here and here), and I was so happy that our schedules finally aligned and we could shoot again. 

I contacted Patrick because I realllllly wanted to shoot my new sweater from Twigg + Feather.  If you’re not familiar you should be,  Twig + Feather is a online clothing boutique currently based out of St John’s NewFoundLand, and although her stock is still growing Jenn’s eye for fashion and her background in fashion (that’s taken her all over the world) makes her one to watch.
The Twigg & Feather collection was given
its name after the owner Jenn LeBlanc became a mother, the symbolism of a
Mama bird building her nest from twigs and feathers spoke to her, and
seemed like the perfect name for a company that was inspired by a mother
fulfilling a need to be creative and care and provide for her child. 
Twigg & Feather is a sweater and knitwear line that
encompasses a laid back, bohemian style. It has pieces that are easy to
wear and can easily be layered to create effortless outfits that have great
style. There are chunky, cozy sweaters that you want to curl up in, and
flattering, soft tunics and dresses for everyday. Twigg & Feather strives to
bring unique pieces, that are comfortable, cozy and yet still stylish. Who doesn’t want that right? 
I am absolutely ob-sessed with this cardigan, and I can’t wait to live in all summer. I adore the print on the back, the coordinating detailing on the sleeve, the thinness and softness of the fabric like I said: I’m obsessed. I wore this cardigan to my dance class last week, and I swear I could have stopped traffic everyone was bananas for this sweater!
Now when I was thinking about how to style this Twigg + Feather sweater I thought well I could totally just wear a tee and jeans, and call it a day. The cardigan is so visually interesting that you could totally get away with doing that, but I figured that was pretty obvious and probably wouldn’t make for interesting blog photos. I knew I had something better up my little blogger sleeve.
I’ve also been loving denim dresses (find the one above here), and I think you’re going to see a lot of denim and a lot of denim dresses this Spring/Summer. They are just so versatile, and such a great go-to for causal days that I’m so so happy to finally have included one in my wardrobe (Thanks Gap!). What I love about this one is that it’s really light weight so it doesn’t feel bulky, and its actually a pretty good fit for an XS, and it’s not too short (which is usually my issue with denim shirt dresses). 
Because I’ve been trend forecasting for spring for Huff Post I’ve gotten rather impatient about waiting for the seasons to switch over. I knew I wanted to wear my new dress, so I said what the heck, and layered it under my sweater, and over my jeans. First I tried the dress on with lighter jeans, but I felt like it was a bit much, then I tried on darker jeans that picked up the color in the cardigan, and I was sold! If you plan on wearing your denim dress with pants (which I highly recommend you do, just be sure to wear a narrow pant to balance everything out.

Before you go we havvvvvvve to talk about my new Celine (Thin Preppy) sunnies that I am just over the moon for. Having just received from SmartBuyGlasses I could NOT wait to shoot them as anyone who follows me on instagram can attest to. But you know since I just got new sunnies, and new fresh to death white chucks Mother Nature just had to mess with me. Because it’s literally snowing buckets today which is pretty comical if you think about it. Yesterday I was parading around no coat; I mean it was chilli mind you, but tolerable for the shoot, and then today it’s a full blown snow globe out there. Okayyyyyyyyy ha ha jokes over Mother Nature you got me. It’s time to pull out the sunshine now. I’m ready for you!

Long story short… when you can’t make up your mind you just wear it all right? 

What trends are you excited about this spring?


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