With winter well underway, it’s time to dress to make sure you’re not only stylish  but also warm and dry. Well with Vans new “Mountain Edition” line they’ve got you covered on all fronts!

The shoe shown above is a recent offering sent to me by Vans as part of their “Mountain Edition”. Having been a huge fan of their shoes since my teens, I was really interested in learning more about their foray from the summer to fall/winter/spring territory.

First off, here’s the downlow on the shoes: these Vans SK8 MTE Hi-Tops (in Honey Leather) not only have the traditional Vans style (e.g. tilde logo, waffle sole, high & comfortable sole, etc.), but also have a bunch of new features to make them weather appropriate including scotchgard treated uppers to stay dry, and a heat retention layer and added lining to stay warm.

One of my favorite new features of these weather-adapted shoes is the lining which runs from the bottom of shoe tongue up to about the second last lace hole. For anyone trucking out in the snow this is an important feature as it keeps the snow from sneaking in between the tongue and into your sock.

My other favorite feature of these shoes is the sole which takes the traditional Vans waffle sole and adds some depth to allow for better traction in the snow and ice, as well as the higher top which allows for less kick-back on the back of your pants from winter walking.

Because I drive more in the winter, but I still walk to work in the mornings so I need that perfect hybrid for morning treks to work. While you need something water proof you don’t want to be driving or popping-in and out of the car in a pair of big/heavy boots meant for the Arctic, take a minute to check out this new Vans line which are sleak and stylish while keeping you warm and dry. Happy Winter!

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