There are style rules that are embedded into our brains as major no-nos, and for whatever reason black and navy is one of them. Where do these rules even come from? How do we even know them? I know that as a stylist, and I’m always yammering on about how to wear this and how to wear that, but in some cases (and definitely this one) the rules are meant to be broken. I’m also wearing Minnie Mouse sneakers with trousers, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.

FEATURED ITEMS: Pants, Babaton Cohen c/o Aritzia. Blouse, c/o Envy Clothing. Sunnies, Black Market Vintage TO. Watch, c/o Bulova. Bracelet, Olive + Piper Minnie Mouse Kicks, c/o Vans. Earrings, Kate Spade NY.

If you’re looking for a classic look, you don’t have to look any further than a navy pair of slacks (slacks? what am I 80?) and a black blouse. There’s something about these two colors together that scream sophistication to me. 
With an elastic waist band (in the back only), and a mild pleat, these cropped trousers (we’ll call them) are actually the closet thing to wearing your pyjamas to work. The Babaton Cohen pant (From Aritzia) is so comfortable you’re going to want to get them in every color. Now you might be thinking Kayla, why am I buying cropped pants for fall? Well let me tell you it’s totally okay to show of those ankles for a little while longer, and besides you can totally pop on a bootie, and call it a day. 
If you happen to be in and around the mall do yourself a favor and just try on these pants I promise you won’t regret it. Try sizing down too I found they ran a little big. 
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