Before jetting off to Toronto I managed to sneak in some quick visits with some local spas to make sure I was fashion week ready. Because I’m a lazy little bugger I opted for a shellac manicure, and some eyelash extensions, and here’s the scoop on both.

If you’re never had a shellac mani you’re really missing out. While it’s trickier to remove (must soak in acetone to remove) it really does hold up much better than a traditional manicure. There’s something to be said about not having to worry about a chip or having to remove and reapply throughout a trip. I mean fashion week is cra to the z at the best of times, so having one less thing to worry about is A-okay with me. 

For my manicure I was booked with the loveliest of ladies Elizabeth (at Spirit Spa), and she was honestly like the most fun to chat with I felt like we were instantly best friends! And even better she was super informative (I learned a lot about nails and nail techniques) and knew exactly what I wanted; from the shape to the color she nailed it! (haha oh dear bad pun).

When you’re getting a shellac mani your color options are a little more limited, as there isn’t as much choice (I mean there’s still a ton, but just not the same as regular colors), so I was a little torn between the color I wanted. The colors available were like a bright red, and then a wine color, but I wanted something in between. After applying the first two coats, and the red was still just a little bit too pink Elizabeth was like “I have a solution”, and she suggested we add another red shade on top in a very thin layer to kind of add a bit more deepness to the hue. 

It was really neat because I didn’t even need to say anything she knew the look I was going for, and she asked a lot of questions to ensure I was happy, and so she knew when it wasn’t 100% right. This is why you go to professionals you guys! When they know they know, and really just makes your experience so much more seamless. Love love loved her! I would highly recommend.

In addition to getting my nails done I also got eye lash extensions! How cool right? I was an eyelash extension virgin before this visit, but I have to say I’m SO hooked now. Alex did such an amazing job at keeping them looking natural for me (especially considering that I have pretty short and blonde lashes to start) because I didn’t want anything too too crazy. 
The whole process for the lash extensions was actually EXTREMELY relaxing, and I’m pretty sure I might fallen asleep at one point. It does take a little while to apply the lashes, and god love Alex for her patience; I feel like I’d be the type that’s like 5 lashes in and then be like “okay you’re good” haha nice little pat on the shoulder and away you go! But she stuck it out, and was happy to do so. Also loved chatting with her too, and she was so sweet, and was always checking in to make sure I was okay. 
Needless to say I’ve been loving the results of the lashes, and it’s actually amazing to not having to wear mascara, or having to worry about taking it off at the end of the day too. It’s made my beauty routine sooooooooooooooooooooo much easier which is especially helpful since I’ve been FULL THROTTLE since I’ve arrived in Toronto. Thanks Spirit Spa for getting me fashion week ready; I couldn’t have survived without you.

Be sure to check back next week for all my fashion week outfits and Toronto highlights! 


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