We try our best. We drink water (8 glasses a day), we cleanse our faces with professional skincare lines (hello Yonka and GM Colin), and we eat well (most of the time), and we exercise (shopping counts right?). All jokes aside, sometimes it feels like we try to do everything right, and yet we still need a little extra something to kick start our skincare routine. Enter the facial. 

Spas are seriously your best friend in more ways than one, but especially when it comes to your skincare regime. Even if you do everything right they have some really great treatments that can really help to solve your skincare woes. Whether it’s sun damage, wrinkles, acne, or you just want a little pampering facials are definitely a good practice, and four times a year (ideally). 

When the seasons change I like to make a point to pay visit to the spa for a facial, and as Winter comes to a close, and with a stressful time up ahead (fashion week and jet setting to Mexico, with a dance recital thrown in there) I could think of no better time to head into The Summit Spa here in Halifax. 

My esthetician, Amanda (I’ve visited her before) was extremely knowledgeable and she really made every effort to make my experience a relaxing and informative one. She is a wealth of knowledge, and was such a doll to answer all my questions. 

With my concerns of acne, acne scaring, dryness, and a pesky little broken blood vessel that has been with me since the 4th grade, it was suggested I try the Signature Clinical Skin Transformation Treatment. as well as an IPL treatment for the broken blood vessel.
The Signature Clinical Skin Transformation Treatment includes the synergistic power of our Dermasound device,
Customized Peels, professional therapeutic ingredients and LED Light
Therapy for cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, hydrating, brightening
and repairing. A non-invasive, non- surgical treatment that delivers
immediate results for the treatment of sun damaged, acneic, aging, scar
reduction and rosacea-prone skin. Getting great results is our
Signature! Includes 15% savings on any skin care products purchased on
the day of the treatment”.
I have to admit was a little nervous about the LED lights, but honestly I love it! They were warm and relaxing, and I felt like I had a little meditative moment while my skin was getting a healthy dose of blue, and red light. I know this sounds terrible, but if you are the type that loved tanning (I mean I never did that in High School) you would love this treatment. 
Included in this treatment is the dermasound
device, and if you’re an avid reader of Short Presents you know I’ve
received this treatment before and I ABSOLUTELY love it. Read about my
experience with Dermasound here.  
I adored this treatment, and there’s so many great things about it that it’s impossible not to love it. My skin looked AH-MAZING afterwards (even despite the natural amount of redness). My skin felt moisturized, it felt full (this is a weird comment I know, but I literally didn’t have a single fine line on my face), it felt healthy and clear. And the bonus is that it’s only going to get better as the next two weeks pass. 

In addition to the Signature Clinical Skin Transformation Treatment I also received an IPL vein spot treatment under my left eye for a little spider vein that has seriously been there since I was little girl. “This treatment focuses on removing/diminishing the
appearance of small veins or red spots whether a couple or many.
Excellent for working with rosacea. This treatment can be performed
alone or added to any facial performed by a Clinical Esthetician. Priced
according to size/amount”. 

The IPL treatment was nerve wracking at first only because I’ve never had it before, but it actually was extremely tolerable. If you’ve received laser hair removal you can TOTALLY handle this treatment. It’s very quick and it really doesn’t hurt. Amanda, my lovely esthetician was great to keep me informed through the entire process (feels a little like a warm rubber band and you see a quick flash of light), and assured me not to be alarmed. Knowing these things ahead of time was AMAZING and allowed me to mentally prepare for what was going to happen, and it really wasn’t anything at all. I would totally do it again, but by the looks of the underneath of my eye I probably won’t need to! I’m soooooo excited (I my only regret is that I didn’t take a before close up photo for you). This stupid little vein has been bugging me for EVER, and the thoughts of never seeing it again is BEYOND exciting to me.  
Honestly I can’t say enough about the staff and services at The Summit Spa, and I would totally recommend you pay them a visit. The day after my facial (which is when these photos were snapped) I kid you not I was going about my business picking up some groceries and a complete stranger stopped me just to tell me that I was pretty. I would be lying if I didn’t say that it made me feel good. 

If you’re thinking about it! DO IT! 🙂 your skin will thank you! I promise.  If you have ANY questions about either of these treatments do not hesitate to comment below or tweet or instagram me @shortpresents. Too shy? Email me info@shortpresents.com I’d be happy to answer any of your questions. 

Thanks so much to The Summit Spa for helping me put my best face forward as I head to Toronto for World Master Card Fashion Week. For more information visit The Summit Spa website, or click here

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