Wondering what to wear for a date? I caught up with Katie Kelly at Envy Clothing at the Halifax Shopping Centre and we are talking all things fashion and style for a romantic night out. Whether you’re single or a couple, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to get a dolled up and have a great time with the all the amazing people in your life.

Whether it’s your lover, your friends, your family, your fur baby, or even yourself you can never go wrong with putting in that little extra effort to show those around you (and even yourself) how much you care about them.

When it comes to dressing for Valentine’s Day don’t feel like you HAVE to wearing anything in particular just because someone says so. I’m a huge fan at the moment of wearing trousers (as you can see from my outfit in this video – available at Envy of course) rather than a traditional dress. Don’t be afraid to experiment with various color or styles; it’ll only help to showcase your personality 🙂

Wear what makes you feel comfortable. You can be the chicest person in the room you just have to decide it so! Confidence is everything.

I had so much fun styling and putting these looks together for Pop Culture! Make sure to check out the rest of the segments (by going here) Katie (I have so much love and respect for this girl) will have you in stitches with her fitness segment I promise. And don’t be shy to Envy 🙂 those girls are a great resource if you’re in a pinch and need something last minute. Thanks for lending us all the looks for the mannequins as well as mine for the segment. If they still have the trousers I was wearing run don’t walk: they’re amazing.
Happy Hump Day! 
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