If you’d asked me when I was a little girl if I ever thought that my name would appear in one of the magazines I held so dear: I would have thought you were crazy. 

The world of fashion (no matter how obsessed I was) felt so far removed from where I grew up as a child, and although I used to sketch dress designs like a maniac and style my dolls hair for a plethora of different occasions: I just never thought about it as a viable career choice. Low and behold the internet changed everything! I feel so blessed to be able to do the work I do from where I live, and participate in things that are happening all over the world. The internet is truly a beautiful thing. 
Fast forward about 20 years or so and here I am holding a magazine with my name in it, and although it’s not much: it’s there! So if you happen to pick up a February issue of Flare Magazine and flip to page 27 you’ll see my name appear in the fold for my contributions of pitching the local hair accessory company Oh Dina! for their “Localist” section. 
Honestly it doesn’t matter how many times I see my name in there I still get just as excited as the first time! I feel so blessed to live this life, and also to feel rewarded for all my hard work. I was also REALLY excited to see the Oh Dina! (with Photography by Nicole Lapierre Photography) was given a full page! EEP! It’s always amazing to see Halifax represented in the national magazine, but a full page! I mean?! Amazing right?
So if you’re flipping through the mag make sure to make a stop at page 27 :):) and never be afraid to go after your dream job!
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