With the wet and messy weather, this time of year can be miserable that’s for sure. But it doesn’t need to be! With the cold weather brings more time spent indoors, and also more time to snuggle in cozy blankets and spend time with your family, friend and loved ones with warms drinks, and great books. And if you live in the Bedford area all of these things are closer than you think.
At Sunnyside Mall, not only do they have free (heated) underground parking (WINNING) they also have some great shops to help keep you cozy this winter. Here are a couple of my favorites: Stokes,
Statement, Garage, Silken Lingerie, Mark’s, Liquid Gold, Limoncello,
The Body Shop, World Tea House.   
To help you get started I’ve pulled a couple of my favorite picks to help you to stay warm, and cozy throughout all this messy weather. 

Taking time for ourselves is so important, and yet a lot of us don’t make the effort. We invest so much of our time into nurturing and caring for others that we don’t leave enough time for ourselves. Setting aside some time where you can decompress will allow you recharge, and it’s only going to be better for everyone around you in the long run. Many of you know I’m a hug fan of baths, and yes of course it’s important to cleanse our bodies, but what I love about baths is that is forces us to let go (no emails), and relax. 
It’s amazing how taking even a few moments a couple times of week to relax and unwind can affect your energy level and your ability to focus. I adore this vanilla brulee bath jelly from The Body ShopSink into rich clouds of indulgent bubbles. Scoop into warm running
water for the ultimate in comforting festive bath-time indulgence. 
So you can’t get cozy without drinking something warm right? Well if you’re looking for a great mug to create beautiful cappuccinos or lattes in, look no further than Stokes! These clear mugs are big (hello coffee drinkers), and also you to see all your beautiful foam and coffee right through the glass. And also if you like to make your coffee the old fashioned way a bodum coffee press is the BEST investment you can make to brew some great fresh local coffee. And can we talk about this cool red design? 
Did you know you can also brew your loose teas in there too? I use mine all the time as a tea pot, and it looks pretty when you can see all the tea leaves through the glass. And I love anything that’s multipurpose.  
Make sure to head into World Tea House to stock up on your teas! And on top of ALL the health benefits of drinking tea, bonus you can feel good about purchasing these teas that are free trade, organic, and sustainable. What more can you ask for?

While you’re out and about shopping why not stop into Il Mercato for some soup or a warm panini? They have a great menu, and the atmosphere is lovely.  They also offer gift cards so can gift this lovely experience to someone else!

We spend a lot of time in front of screens and maybe not enough time in front of a book. I’m convinced that reading can be very therapeutic, and even inspirational in some instances. What better way to transport yourself to a far off distant land with the weather is wretched than with a good book? Head into Indigo and pick up something today! You know it’s been on your “to-do” so you might as well just go for it.  

Also feel free to browse Indigo’s decor and stationary! SO beautiful! I want everything. 

So it’s definitely sweater weather out there, there’s no question. So why not curl up with this great powder pink sweater (very on trend) with it’s gorgeous lace detail at the bottom from Garage. I also love this one (here). From cardigans, to boyfriend inspire sweaters, to fleece lined pajama pants you can definitely find something here, and bonus a lot of stuff is on sale right now! To browse all sweaters go here, or pop into The Sunny Side Mall to see what’s in stock. 


Recently I think I may have started a trend with my hashtag #pinkfluffyrobelife when I talked about answering the door to a delivery man in my pink fluffy robe. Honestly there is NOTHING better than curling up in a fluffy robe, and I adore this vibrant red Denver Hayes Robe from Mark’s Work Wearhouse. Also it’s on sale! When you don’t need to go outside this is best go-to for getting cozy.


olive oil
You’re stuck indoors, and the thoughts of going out for dinner are out of the question. Why not make a great meal at home? Cooking with your family, friends, and loved ones really doesn’t need to mean frozen dinners! With great shops like Pete’s and Liquid Gold, there is no reason you should have to have a boring meal unlit by gorgeous candle light! Make sure to pop into Limoncello for great candles and other great ways to set your dining table (and really make the meal mean something). At the Sunnyside Mall gourmet meals and home decor are right at your footsteps.


After you have your delicious dinner, and you’ve gotten out of the tub, drank your tea, you’re probably ready for some Netflix? Am I right? There isn’t much better than cozying up with great blanket on the sofa! Whether its for your bed or your sofa, Statement has a plethora of gorgeous furniture for all your lounging needs (i.e. devour a great book), but they also have a lot of great accessories and decor items that are really cool and modern too. Its definitely worth checking out.  
And for getting cozy with your S.O be sure to check in with Silken lingerie! With their expert staff and luxury lingerie; there are plenty of items to help you turn up the heat.  See here and here.

So with all these things I hope you feel inspired to get cozy and embrace this winter, and time spent indoors. After all we don’t really have much choice in the matter we might as well embrace it right? For more details on where to shop at Sunnyside Mall head on over to their website: sunnysidemall.ca for their full store listings. 

Hope you found this post helpful and don’t forget to take advantage of that free heated underground parking! 



x Short Presents 

*This post was sponsored by Sunnyside Mall, but all opinions expressed are my own. 

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