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It’s a vicious cycle you have breakouts so you apply makeup and you break out because you apply makeup.  After
years of suffering with adult acne, and looking for a better SPF option
I’ve sought none other than Jane Iredale’s mineral makeup to stand up
to task.

These products have been formulated with the most natural ingredients possible and have been allergy and non-comedogenic tested. Minerals are water resistant, allow skin to breath and respect its natural functions, they are anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and contain strong anti-oxydants.


This light weight powder foundation offers sheer and semi-matte finish.  The
powder comes as a refillable compact/base refill, as the company is
committed to working towards minimizing their environmental impact. These refillable compacts are available for purchase.

Featured in the photo above is the
limited edition “brilliant” refillable compact which fits any of the
pure pressed powders. Isn’t it beautiful? Not only is it better for the
environment (hello less waste) it’s exterior is a gorgeous rose gold
color, and on the inside it reads: “Glamour is a State of Mind”. And it
even comes with a little suede fabric case which you can slide the
compact into for on the go toting (and I assume is to prevent it from
getting all dinged up). The refillable compact is definitely worth the
purchase if you’re going to be a repeat offender.


  • UVA/UVB SPF 20 broad-spectrum sun protection
  • A foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen all in one
  • Very water-resistant and highly pigmented
  • Applies evenly and easily, providing long-lasting, gorgeous coverage
  • Light diffusing properties make skin look flawless, healthy and younger
  • Minimizes pores and fine lines
  • No oil, talc, dyes and parabens
  • Gentle, safe for sensitive eyes and formulated with good-for-the-skin ingredients
  • Crease-resistant and long-lasting
  • May be applied wet or dry to complement any look
  • Great for shading, highlighting, contouring and lining

A house is only as good as its foundation right? So naturally I started by applying the pure pressed powder over top of their “smooth affair
primer (full details here). Let me tell you the primer was great! It purifies your skin while
also locking in moisture, and also encourages cell renewal, so for a
blemish prone girl like myself this is like the holy grail for skin
care! The primer really did work to close my pores, and I feel good
knowing its doing all kinds of other good stuff for my skin too. I found the
skin (especially the area just beside my nose) really looked luminous and clear! 


Great coverage.
I have to say I was shocked how well the pressed powder covered on it’s own without any
other liquid foundation underneath. I’m an avid foundation and BB cream
wearer and I usually apply a powder over top of one of these products,
but with the Jane Iredale I wanted to give it a solid go, and so I went
without my foundation and I was really surprised.

Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory.  When
it comes to break outs you really don’t need any help in the bacterial
growth department: in fact you need the exact opposite.  I
couldn’t find it on the website, but I know that my esthetician at the
Summit mentioned this to me, and like an elephant I never forgot.

Natural SPF.
With all the buzz surrounding how harmful sunscreen is for your health,
it is comforting to know that my makeup is already working for me. No
matter how old you are it’s SO important to protect your skin from the
sun, and so having it in your makeup is like duh- easy! You’re going to
wear your makeup any you might as well wear one with a natural SPF.

Doesn’t Crease or Cake.
No matter how much of this product you apply to your face it doesn’t
cake the same way other pressed powders do. The finish is a soft
luminous glow, and I can’t think of any other way to explain it. Your
skin looks healthy and even.

Lasted all day.
I applied this powder at 6 am and I still had a glow well into the
evening, and I wore this makeup on a really rainy/misty day, so it
really had its work cut out for it.

The flat brush.
The “Handi brush” is amazing! The flat side does well to press the
makeup into the skin while giving you great coverage that’s not chalky
at all.  I would highly recommend. For more on this handy dandy tool go here.

If you’re a newbie when it comes to applying mineral makeup here are some helpful tips…


Dream Tint, Absence or Absence 2 Oil Control Primer to prime the skin
and provide a perfectly smooth surface for the pressed minerals. Absence
controls oil and can be used by all skin types as a primer and to
prevent color change.

our Handi Brush around the cake. Use the side of the compact to tap off
any excess powder. Begin application where you want the most coverage,
using downward strokes. Then layer the minerals over the rest of your
face and neck.

a lighter color in the center of the face and a darker one around the
edges. This pulls the center of the face out and has the same flattering
effect as highlighting.

After you’ve applied blush, without picking up more mineral foundation, use The Handi to blend everything together.

Overall I would have to say that I’m really shocked at (a) how well this product covered especially for a powdered product and (b) how well it lasted! I hope you found this review helpful, and as always feel free to leave questions below or tweet me @shortpresents. Next I think I’ll try out their BB Cream product for those days spent in front
of the camera or when you need a little extra somethin’ somethin’. In all fairness though this powder is a great substitute for liquid foundation; for the past couple weeks I haven’t been using mine at all. I just might be converted! This photo was taken at the Le Chateau “Meet The Blogger” event, and I’m not wearing a stitch of liquid foundation! 

For more product info or to purchase be sure to head on over to the Jane Iredale website or visit our local spas here in Halifax. I know The Summit Spa as well as Spirit Spa sell Jane Iredale products! 

Happy Thursday!

xo Short Presents

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