Grace is a hard working selfless mother of two who invests more time
taking care of her two lovely children than she does about current fashion trends.
Working mothers know this more than anyone, and they are arguably that last ones to find time for
themselves, but what they might not know is that with some proper know
how (compliments of me) we can really make the process more easy and efficient and it feels good!!  

Through talking with Grace she made it clear that she usually dressed very casual. Grace told me that she “never wears skirts or dresses”, and she never wears makeup or jewelry. To be honest Grace has the most beautiful skin, and I would argue that she doesn’t even need it. I can respect a jeans and tshirts kind of girl when I see one, but it’s nice to get dolled up every now and then right?
Grace also mentioned that she might be applying for a job in the next couple months, and so she would like something a little nicer for the interview that she could also where to work.  So we hit the ground running to find Grace something to wear to that interview. 
We combed through a couple stores, and settled on Dynamite! We found
numerous blouses for Grace to try on that she could wear to work with
trousers, as well as on the weekend with jeans while running around with
the kids.While she was trying on some blouses, of course, I had to pull a couple dresses for her try. I wanted to push the envelop (even just a little).  
After she tried on the blouses, and she was looking ah-mazing, and we even thought we found… the one. I asked Grace to just entertain me and try on a couple dresses. 
When she came out of the dressing room it was like a bomb went off
because we were all screaming! She looked INCREDIBLE in that dress! And
bonus because of the colors in the print, it was so versatile that she
could wear it to work, out to dinner, and even on the weekends: the
possibilities were endless.
we pushed the envelop on the dress we also had to get this girl some
bling! We found this great necklace (also at dynamite) that was layered,
so again it gave Grace plenty of options. It wasn’t too overpowering,
so I thought it was a perfect little gateway necklace to get Grace
started on accessorizing.
Honestly I couldn’t have been more happy with how this turned out.
There’s something about helping someone push their own boundaries, and
see just how “dressing up” can really be comfortable, and doesn’t need
to be fussy that is so incredibly rewarding to me.  Needless to say I love my job!
Grace looked like a million bucks in her new dress, and I think she felt like it too! I mean look at that face! This is not the face of an unhappy customer! We don’t need to be dressed up all the time, but a little bit can really go
along away, and you can’t deny that when you look good you feel good!
Thanks so much Grace for being such a great best sport, and being completely open to this
transformation! You look amazing, and I really hope you get a lot of wear out
that dress. Hopefully you’ve even worn it already 🙂 🙂
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