Recently Make Up For Ever released a new line of primers, from everything from neutral, blue, and pink there’s certainly plenty to choose from. With my frequent breakouts I figured it would be a good idea for me to test drive the HD Microperfecting Primer in green. 

Great skin starts at the base. Properly preparing the skin (and sometimes correcting color) is very important for creating a flawless complexion. You can apply the best makeup, but if your skin isn’t prepped properly you can ruin the whole look.

The light, oil-free formula of the HD Microperfecting Primer acts as a preparation product that creates a protective film on the skin’s surface and operates as a shield, preventing the foundation from penetrating the skin. Nourishing ingredients act as moisturizers to protect skin from dryness, providing a well balanced canvas for foundation application. 
Dermatologically tested to be safe for all skin types, it also helps stabilize foundation to be more long-lasting and more evenly applied.

Like the HD Foundation, the HD Microperfecting Primer also helps to create a soft focus effect to the complexion. Formulated with Silica Micro Beads that are biotechnologically engineered to act as minuscule light refractors, these beads refract both man-made and natural light to veil imperfections, giving a soft focus effect to skin. 

HD Microperfecting Primer is available in seven shades that correct and enhance color. 
#0 Neutral: a translucent base for all complexions
#1 Green: minimizes redness (ideal for rosacea)
#2 Mauve: neutralizes strong olive undertones
#4 Caramel: adds a warm glow to deeper skin tones
#5 Blue: gives a porcelain finish to fair skin
#6 Yellow: adds golden tones to dark complexions
#7 Pink: adds brightness and warmth

Application tips: Dab lightly with fingertips, or use a sponge in a downward motion.

Opposite on the color wheel we know that green is best course of action when trying to combat redness. If you suffer from acne or rosacea this green primer could be the perfect addition to your makeup routine.


  • HD Primer nourishes, moisturizes and soften the skin, creating a glowing effect 
  • It creates a protective layer on the skin, allowing the foundation to glide on easily and last longer
  • It dries quickly allowing the make up application routine to run smoothly
  • Each colored HD Primer helps correct the skin in a specific way
  • The colored pigments are absorbed by the skin for an invisible correction


  • Absorbs quickly. There is nothing worse than applying a product that takes forever to dry especially if you are running late in the morning. You don’t need any added time to your morning routine, and so you need a product that absorbs quickly.  This product easily absorbs into the skin allowing for a great texture to apply your regular makeup routine.
  • Easy to cover. I was nervous about being able to cover up the green color, but the product is so thin that it’s easily absorbed into the skin, and therefore easy to cover by simply applying your regular foundation/makeup.
  • Non greasy. Because I suffer from adult acne (still) I am always weary of new products, but this one was great it wasn’t oily or greasy at all.  In face it left a very soft finish to my skin.
  • Breathable. Have you ever applied a primer and it feels like your face is stuck? Almost like you’re really wearing a mask rather than a primer. The HD primer didn’t make my face feel stiff, and it didnt peel away when I applied my regular foundation on top.
  • Reduces Redness. I chose the green hue because I get a little redness around my nose, apples of my cheeks and of course when I am experiencing a break out (mostly on my chin). When applying the product all over my face I did notice a reduction in redness; it was kind of crazy actually because for some reason I hadn’t anticipated that it would be immediate. 
Overall I liked the product, and I will certainly be using it as a base to my regular routine. I’ve used primers before (read my review of Arbonne’s Primer here) , but I appreciate the added redness reduction bonus!  
Retailing for $39.00 the HD Microperfecting Primer is available exclusively at SEPHORA, Sephora.ca and MAKE UP FOR EVER Boutiques

Hope you found this review helpful. 
x Short Presents 

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