great grandmother lived to be 98 years old, and her mother before her
lived to be over a 100. My grandmother was a hilarious lady, she was
deaf as a doorknob, and boy did she have an opinion which is what I loved
about her: her unapologetic honesty.  I always enjoyed her
company and especially her stories from when she was young. I used to
visit her a lot and she never asked for much but she would always ask
for two things: green bananas and hand cream.

In her drawer you would always find a plethora of hand cream, and she always had the softest hands even right up until the end.  I’m
not sure if she had something with the bananas, but she would eat one
every single day (they certainly couldn’t have hurt her given how long
she lived), but I think she had something with the hand cream obsession.

her near 100 years on this planet, and raising a litter of children (mostly on
her own) her hands were as soft as a baby’s you know what. I really think it was because she took such great care of her skin and
kept her hands super moisturized. They say that if you want to know how old someone is that you should look at his or her’s hands. Now I don’t want to give you a complex about being concerned about your hands looking old, but I think there are precautions you can take to prevent signs of aging (and also just keeping them healthy and moisturized).

is with this in mind that I believe I am obsessed with taking care of
my skin, and especially so with finding great hand creams (read this is previous post). Our hands go through so much, from cleaning dishes to using hand sanitizers at work and it’s not often until  our hands are really bad and chapped that we do something about it. But I believe in preventive measures and when it comes to
preventing signs of aging keeping your hands plenty moisturized is very

by DECIEM (creators of INHIBITIF) Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex
is designed to target the eight signs of aging, while providing visible
results for the hands in as little as 10 days. Since its launch in the
UK, Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex has been quickly growing in
popularity, and of course I had to get my hands on it too (ooouu bad pun,
sorry not sorry). 

Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex anti-aging hand cream is suggested target firmness, elasticity, density, evenness, brightness, texture, smoothness and hydration.


Absorbed quickly. There’s nothing worse than looking like you are deviosuly plotting some terrible plan because you can’t stop rubbing your hands together. I really don’t have time to wait for my hand cream to absorb; if it takes a long time you can pretty much bet that I’m not going to use it. Also I’m a super klutz, and I need something that leaves my hands soft, but not slippery; I found this product did well to find the perfect balance between the two. 

Pleasant Smell. I adored the smell of this product. Although a little strong for me to tote to work at the hospital (most things are) I used the product each night before bed, and I looked forward to the smell. 

Nourished my dry nails. If you follow me on insta (@shortpresents) you know that I change my nail color like the wind. Painting your nails as much as I do, does tend to make my nails a little dry; if I don’t make sure to take a little break every once in a while. I’ve been told that you should leave your nail polish off as long as you have it on (I’m pretty sure I don’t follow this rule). 

Even skin tone. speaking of painting my nails, one afternoon I was painting my nails I did notice that my hands were looking good. Nothing drastic of course, but my hands appeared to have improved in brightness, texture and evenness. 

Although I didn’t notice any huge visible anti-aging results (as my hands don’t really show their age spots yet) my hands were very soft, and I feel good about doing something that will benefit me in the long run. 

Hope you found this review helpful! Make sure to keep up with me on instagram by following along @shortpresents to see what I’m reviewing next! Feel free to post any questions, concerns, or requests!

x Short Presents 

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