Alongside their celebrity collaboration with Carrie Underwood, Nicole by OPI announces their recent launch of 15 new nail lacquers for 2014! And I had a chance to give them a try…

From dark blue and cool mint to bright sorbet hues, as well as metallic shimmers and creamy nudes there’s a little bit of everything in these collections.


In addition to these two collections, Nicole by OPI announces four new Top Coats & Treatments for 2014. Inspired by OPI’s in-salon favorites, the line includes Oil to Go, 3-in-1 Base, Top Coat & Strengthener, Quick Dry Top Coat and Matte Top Coat. All FIRSTS for Nicole by OPI!

After a bout with some bad eating (over the holidays) combined with a plethora of nail color changes my nails have seriously been neglected. So when I read about OPI’s recent launch of base and top coat nail strengtheners, and their “oil-to-go” product I figured a little R&R could be good for my nails. I decided to wear the 3-in-1 solo for about a week to give my nails some much needed rest from nail polish.

If you follow @shortpresents on instagram and you’ve been keeping up. You know that I had an array of colors to choose from, but I have been slightly obsessed with the sorbet colors lately and figured I had to give it a go! Here are the results. 

What I liked about Nicole by OPI: 
The variety of colors — I love love LOVE the sorbet colors! 
The matte top coat– How often have you wanted to sport matte nails, but couldn’t get the polish to stay on because you didn’t have a good top coat? Well look no further because the clever folks over at OPI have got you covered 🙂 
3-in-1 Base, Top Coat & Strengthener— as much as I care about my health I care about my nail health too, and sometimes I feel a little guilty when I am constantly painting my nails. I take comfort in using a product I know is at least attempting to strengthen them. I also love that it’s a multipurpose product; I’m all about multitasking!
The shape of the bottle– Because I decided to do two colors (and I was applying the polish myself) I was pleased with the shape of the bottle because I found it was very easy to open and close the polishes with my wet nails. I also liked the shape of the brush. I found it very easy to apply.
Minimal Chipping– I put my nails through the ringer with washing copious amounts of dishes, and cooking/preparing meals all weekend, and my nails did quite well considering. There was some minimal chipping along the tops of my nails, but seriously I was a busy bee, and I wash my hands A LOT!
3-Free– Meaning that these polishes do not contain: Formaldehyde, DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), and Toluene, so I take comfort in knowing that my polish doesn’t affect my nervous system and/or reproductive organs. 

What I didn’t love about Nicole By OPI:
It’s a little Runny– I did find the polish to be slightly thinner than what I’m used to from OPI, but I’m not sure if that is because I was using lighter sorbet colors (“i shop mintage” and “at least i pink so”) or if it’s the product itself. I did find I needed a couple of coats (first coat was very sheer) to ensure an opaque finish, and so there was a little longer wait time for drying. That being said I did really like the quick dry top coat to help seal it all in.

I really did like the polishes; the colors are adorable. I’m okay with applying a couple of coats especially when I know the polish has less chemicals than some other luxury brands. Just be mindful that because of this the polishes do take slightly longer to dry. I got a nifty little nail polish dryer for Christmas, so I just stick my hands in there, and try not to mess it all up. 

Hope you found this review helpful!
x Short Presents

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