Some of you lovely blog readers may have over indulged last night (it happens), and maybe you might be on the mend from a few too many last night. Fear not! I’ve put together a little NYE hangover survival kit jam packed with tips and tricks to getting you feeling better fast! 

Hangover Survival Kit 

Coconut Water 
If you are drinking alcohol you need to hydrate hydrate hydrate! Your liver needs water to purge the alcohol from your system and as a result if there isn’t enough in your liver, it will pull from other organs like your brain! Yes that’s right, your brain! Ever wonder why drinking gives you a headache ? It’s because you’re missing some valuable fluid in your noggin! Coconut water is your best bet to replenish your lost liquids because it’s not full of unnecessary sugars, and it will give your body the hydration it so badly needs.Probably
best to avoid the kind with pulp or jelly (might not sit well with a
queasy stomach); might I suggest mixing it with orange juice helps
newbies with the taste.
It’s too late now, but downing a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks and another just before bed is also a great preventative method.

Ginger Tea
Ginger has been used for centuries to help cure nausea, and upset stomachs. If your tummy is feeling a little queasy sip on some ginger tea it’ll help and it’s really good for you!! 

Dr. Oz recommends eating eggs for a hangover cure, and this one makes sense to me because eggs are full of protein! Protein is what repairs your muscles after a workout, and also provides you with essential amino acids, which are probably much needs after putting your body through all that drinking. Eggs also contain large amounts of
cysteine which helps to breaks down acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is said to be one of the culprits
behind a hangover, as it is the substance that is created in your liver when your liver tries to break down the alcohol which is supposedly more toxic than alcohol its self (YIKES). Eggs are also a good choice if you don’t feel
like eating much because they provide a high amount of energy and you don’t have to eat a lot to get it.

While you are drinking you tend to go to the bathroom (a lot) and as a result you lose a lot of your potassium to the toilet! As a result you need to replenish those lost vitamins and a banana is a great way to do so! You could even double up and make a smoothie with the coconut water, and add a banana and maybe some oj and Greek yogurt (if you can stomach it! 

Pizza Sauce (tomatoes)
This one comes from mister Dr. Oz himself! Apparently there is something in tomatoes that helps to cure hangovers! I’m not sure you want to try this one if you’re having acid reflux or the like, but if you feel okay in that department you can grab a slice of left over pizza from the night before and not feel guilty about it! 

Alcohol is a depressant and as a result it can take a toll on your mood! Ever feel just completely wiped the next day after drinking? It isn’t from busting a move on the dance floor, but actually the alcohol it’s self. If alcohol is a depressant than it only makes sense to combat that with a stimulant to even you back out again. Drinking coffee and/or green tea will give you the necessary get up and go that your body needs after been riddled with depressants all night! 

Advil/Gravel/Pepto Bismal
Just in case all the natural things just aren’t strong enough for you today because maybe you out did yourself last night having these few staples are great to have on hand. I like to keep a stash of advil, gravol, and Pepto Bismal capsules around just in case.  

Apparently Oprah swears by taking two advil right before she goes to sleep with a big glass of water to cure a hangover, but this is not recommended if you’re binge drinking because you might not wake up! Also do NOT take Tylenol after drinking!! Take any brand of ibuprofen but Tylenol is really hard on your liver, and let‘s be honest you’ve already pushed it to the brink! Advil is an anti-inflammatory, and will help with all the things you need for a hangover cure! Also Tylenol will probably make you more sick to your stomach, so again it should be avoided

Gravol is great if you REALLY aren’t feeling up to par, and maybe you’ve made friends with the toilet either last night or this morning. If you are super sick take a gravol and go back to bed; hopefully you’ll wake up and feel better. Pepto Bismal capsules are also a win for hangovers i.e. heart burn, nausua, upset stomach, the d-word! Just don’t take too many because the side of box says it can make your tongue and your stool turn black! EEP! 

****Again I really don’t condone drinking in excess, and then taking meds to cover it up! But sometimes we over shoot it, and we need a little help! These suggestions are just that, suggestions, and I wouldn’t recommend that this be a regular practice. But then again we’re all human and it happens. 

Eye Mask/ Ice Pack / Cold Compress
Sometimes the light of day is just too much after a night of drinking, and even my girl here Holly Golightly knows that drinking alcohol interupts your REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep). REM sleep is one of the deep sleep cycles when you dream, and your eyes move back and forth really fast. REM sleep is also where you get your rest which is why it is so important! Alcohol might help you get to sleep, but it’s not a good quality sleep. 

Ever wonder why you wake up at the crack of dawn and you didn’t go to bed until 5am? It’s the alcohol barging into to steal your REM sleep. That’s why I suggest a sleep mask because you can trick your body into thinking it’s still dark outside (sending those signals to your brain to produce more melatonin) and thus you don’t wake up as early. 

The ice packs/cold compress are for when you wake up in case you have a head ache. They say putting them on the back of your neck is supposed to help, but sometimes having it on your forehead is just about the only thing that helps. 

Home Movie Day
So you had a glorious time last night and you used all your best moves on the dance floor, but the only amount of exercise you’re getting today is walking to the fridge to get more liquids, and maybe making a bagel for breakfast! Might I suggest you lay low, get your ice pack and ginger tea and just veg out in front of the television with a great movie! Maybe watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off seems apropos right? Sometimes rest is the best medicine, and you need to listen to your body, if it’s saying “no” then plunk yourself back down on the sofa and just relax the rest of day out. You’ll feel better tomorrow. Might I suggest ordering in Pho Noodle Soup for dinner? it pretty much cures anything! Just sayin’

Happy New Year Blog Reader
Feel better, and I hope you had a lovely NYE! 
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