When old man winter comes to visit it really takes a toll on our hair, skin and nails! All that dry heat indoors, and the brisk cold air outside our skin needs a little rescue! Today on the blog I’m giving this Puritan’s Pride combo pack a review and bonus everything you see above can be yours!! Giveaway details below…

Survive Winter hair and skin woes with this combo pack from Puritan’s Pride. I love skin, hair and nail products especially ones naturally sourced, so when I was contacted about doing a review, as well as offering a lucky Short Presents reader the chance to give these a go: I jumped on the chance. When it comes to Winter my skin dries up like a little raisin and I don’t always take the effort to moisturize until it’s usually too late and I’m itching like I have chicken pox. So in order to keep myself on track as well as you dearest blog reader I thought this was a post I had to jump on! So it’s been about a week since these goodies arrived, and I’ve given these products a go, and here’s what I have to report:


This lotion is very thin, soothing, and absorbs quickly. Not a delicious fruity smell or
anything, but it does make your skin feel amazingly soft and the fast absorbing texture is definitely a win for me. The lotion works well as a hand cream, but also works well after you’ve shaved your legs. I don’t know about you blog reader, but in the winter my legs tend to dry out quickly, and they can get pretty itchy especially after shaving. The soothing properties of this aloe vera lotion is perfect for soothing dry, itchy skin! Although the smell isn’t as indulgent as say something from Bath and Body works, the texture and the soothing nature of this lotion makes up for that.  I also take comfort in know that it’s from 85% natural ingredients.
When it comes to your lips there’s not much that is more annoying than dryness and flaking. You might not know this blog reader, but vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. Antioxidants neutralize the affect of free radicals which damage collagen and cause skin dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Unfortunately our bodies need vitamin E, but we don’t produce so we need to supplement this nutrient either with our diets or externally with products like this one! Having a lip gloss with vitamin E not only helps with immediate dryness experienced in winter, but also prevents further wrinkles and fine lines which are very common around the mouth. This lip gloss goes on super smooth, and is a perfect base for any lipstick and/or lipstain you add on top.
This Biotin Shampoo with Vitamin E & Lecithin is a long haired beauty’s dream, and definitely the stand out piece in this little collection it makes your hair SO soft and shiny I absolutely loved it! When you have long hair like mine it can feel like you live with a dog because you shed so much. I try very hard to take really great care of my hair, having had a bout with hair loss last year I will never take my hair for granted again. The sad thing is we really don’t know a lot of about hair loss, and there’s no one explanation of why it happens. This uncertainty can be very frustrating for those suffering with hair loss. The good news is that research does suggest that biotin does help! Now if you are experiencing major hair loss you should consult a doctor to rule out other health issues (thyroid, stress, toxins etc) if your hair loss or hair concerns are less serious, or you are just looking to add some oomph to your do you should give this shampoo a go. Apply the biotin directly to the scalp can help nourish the hair follicle where you need it most. For more in this watch the video below:

As important as it is to apply topical treatments you also want to consider treatment from the inside. Biotin is much better adsorbed through the body, and so you will see better results in your hair, skin and nails if you are taking a supplement and/or getting biotin in your diet. When taking this supplement make sure to drink plenty of water (suggested to consume at least 8 cups of water a day). You may also experience minor breakouts from taking this supplement, so it’s strongly recommended that you drink plenty of water since the supplement is water soluble. Drinking plenty of water will ensure that your body does not get dehydrated, and thus this dehydration will not show up on your face. I’ve read that others have suggested taking is every two days rather than on a daily basis, but you can experiment with this yourselves.
Oprah and Dr. Oz swear by this magical ingredient for wrinkle prevention, but did you also know that retinol cream actually can help acne as well? Always be sure to wear a SPF while using retinol cream because it makes your skin more vulnerable to the sun and thus more susceptible to sun damage. Retinol creams are said to help improve firmness, texture, and tone while stimulating cell regeneration (perfect for those with acne scaring or dark spots). Retinol creams can be irritating to some skin types, so test out a little patch on your arm first before applying to your entire face. If you find the cream too intense to be used every night, or you are experiencing a lot of redness use the cream every second night rather than every night. Applying this cream at night is the best bang for your buck because you body is already in repair mode, and it’ll do all the work while you catch up on your z’s. Overall I enjoyed the cream, and I think it’s a great addition to any beauty routine. Because my skin is super dry in the Winter I did only use it every second night because I also love using my Aquasource moisturizer gel from Biotherm to super hydrate my skin.

Giveaway Includes:

  • Hair, Skin And Nails One per Day Formula
  • Aloe Vera 85% Natural Moisturizing Lotion
  • Retinol Cream
  • Vitamin E Moisturizing Stick 
  • Biotin Shampoo with Vitamin E And Lecithin  

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    You can consume a wide number of healthy food to procure fairness. You can maintain healthy and beautiful skin as you consume high quality of food.

  • Reply LostGirl9 January 15, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    I would love to try all of these products. I am finding myself extra dry this season even though I have been drinking soooooooooooo much water. My lips are especially dry!

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