“The Secrets of Sugar”

Taking a break from regular recipe posting today because I really want to draw your attention to this Fifth Estate video! “The Secrets of Sugar”
I say it time and time again here on the blog: sugar is the number one substance that will age you both inside and out. Please set aside some time if you haven’t already to give this video a watch; it is really interesting and it really bring a lot of awareness about serving sizes and sugar quantities in a lot of the foods we eat everyday. 

You might be very surprised to learn that there is sugar is almost everything we eat (and a heck of a lot of it). Whether it’s tomato soup, yogurt, pasta sauces, white breads or crackers it’s really important you keep yourself educated about the sugar quantities (and what they mean) that are in your foods so you can make better choices about what you purchase at the grocery and also what you put into your mouth!

To view the video go here.

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Image sourced from Toronto Integrative Naturopathic Clinic

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