Letting My Hair Down at Casa Dante Salon

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Recently I had the opportunity to visit a local hair salon Casa Dante. Having been notoriously noted for quality and customer satisfaction I was more than excited to get the ends of my dry summer hair snipped.

Upon my arrival I was quickly greeted by Casa Dante‘s very pleasant staff, and offered some complimentary tea, coffee, and/or water. I opted for water having had two coffee already. I figured I needed to hydrate, and so I politely sunk into a comfortable chair and awaited my stylist.

While waiting I did what I always do, and that’s make myself busy, and so I checked some emails, and responded to some others, and then I realized that I wasn’t relaxing at all. I immediately put my phone away and vowed to just sit there and enjoy not doing anything at all. While I was vowing to do nothing at all what I noticed immediately about the salon was how much natural light it let in, and how pristine everything looked.

Tucked away in what is now been dubbed “the old Mills”, Casa Dante may be located in a temporarily abandoned space, but don’t let the exterior fool you because Casa Dente is as alive
as ever. While “not doing anything” I also noticed several awards on display that the salon had received for international competitions. Having not even been to Casa Dante before my visit I took comfort in their accomplishments.

Fidget much? If you are like me and you struggle to sit still and/or be idol for more than ten minutes you will love the big flat screen television located in the waiting area. While you “avoid” checking your emails you can effectively distract yourself by sipping your tea or coffee and enjoy some amazing runway shows with some pretty cool hairstyles! What more could a girl ask for? I mean!

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At Casa Dente International Hair Studio in Halifax you can guarantee that you are getting experience and variety, and not just from the owner. Although, his accomplishments are worth noting. Dante Di Mattia, (owner) is an international hairstylist, whom I had the pleasure of meeting during my visit, whom I don’t think could possibly be any more sweet, or more busy for that matter. As if running this bumpin’ salon wasn’t enough Dante also guest lectures by teaching History Of Hairstyling with the Dalhousie University theatre department and part-time classes at Concepts Hair School. Pretty impressive man, to read more head on over here

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Having chatted the ears off Lynn (seriously could have talked to her for hours she was a doll), and Dente I met my stylist Sue. I could tell just by talking to Sue that she really knew her stuff. She was really easy to carry on a conversation with (which can be tough when you are seeing a brand new stylist). Usually when you are seeing your hair stylist you are just filling them in on all the crap that’s happened to you in between your last visit. This poor girl had my whole life to catch up on! Haha! No I’m kidding! But in all seriousness she was very sincere and was a great resource for my copious amounts of questions.

Although I didn’t do anything drastically different with my hair (I’m a big baby) I did really enjoy chating with my stylist as well as the other employees at Casa Dante. The staff were all very friendly and easy to get along with; I think they are a great group (which really makes for a great environment for guests).

Being the naturally inquisitory person that I am I peppered my stylists with plenty of hair health questions. From hair loss to patches of oiliness: this chick knew her stuff.

And my hair, although, simply trimmed (I’m quite attached to my long hair) is much MUCH healthier than when I walked through that door. I can’t actually get a brush through it now (sweet relief!); if you have long hair you know exactly what I’m talking about.

After a solid slug through summer and everything that goes with it my hair was in desperate need of some TLC. Although I didn’t opt for bangs this time around (see instagram) I might reconsider them next time. I guess I just wasn’t ready. Those buggers just take SO long to grow out, and they really are high maintenance. So for those of you out there with bangs and have wavy hair: I commend you! You are both my hero and my envy!

Bottom line I had a marvelous time! It’s easy to see that the staff at Casa Dante are very experienced, and also very diverse. “Casa Dante really does cater to a very wide demographic, so you never know who will walk through the door” said my stylist. Personally as a consumer I take comfort in the fact that you don’t need a Birken bag on your arm just to get your hair cut, but it’s also nice to know that it’s okay if you do (I mean not for me personally, but a gal can dream). While we’re talking dollars I should mention that the prices are also very reasonable too (check em out here). I would absolutely recommend this amazing gem 🙂 whether you want the next new doo, or you’re a wuss like me and you just want a fresh little trim: these folks have you covered. Make sure to check out the blog tomorrow to see my freshly trimmed locks! 

Thanks so much for having me Casa Dante!
Short Present

**Photos c/o Sue Siri Photography to see more of her gorgeous work please visit Siri Photography.
**All opinions expressed are my own

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