Menswear Monday: Great Gatsby

With the release of the film “The Great Gatsby” its calling attention to very particular style of dressing. To help you nagivate this trend and jazz up your style today’s Menswear Monday is an inspirational set and a compilation of tips for paying tribute to the “Great Gatsby”.

  • Start with earth-tone colors to balance the outfit
  • Add pieces with pops of brighter color 
  • Include a few statement pieces such as a vintage watch, tie bar, or pocket square
  • Remember: you don’t always need to match shoes to belt, if other
    accessories pull the outfit together (i.e. watch & sunglasses)

Featured Items: Suit Jacket/ Chinos / Contrast Shirt / Waist Coat / Suede Shoes / Dot Repp Tie / Geometric Pocket Square / Brooks Brother’s Belt / Specs / Vintage Peugeot / Tie-Clip /

Happy Monday Blog Reader, 
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