Shortcut Recipe: Avocado Baked Egg

This recipe looks delicious and certianly scores high on the presentation scale, but you should know blog reader that cooking the avocado does change the taste (slightly). If you are going to make this recipe (and you should) I would 100% recommend seasoning the avocado first before you put the egg inside it to bake.  I did not do this, and I was kind of dissapointed to be honest, but lesson learned and I will certainly do this the next time.

Also be careful not to overcook your eggs because they keep cooking slightly even after they are removed from the oven! Speaking of which you will need a dish that you can rest the avocados up against so they don’t topple over. I used little French Onion Soup bowls and they worked great! They are perfect for individual servings, I ate mine litterally right out of the dish.


1 Avocado
Salt and Pepper to taste
pinch of paprika
pimch of cayenne
2 Eggs
Shredded Cheese
Tomato Slices (optional)


Preheat oven 425 degrees

Slice avocado in half, remove the pit and scoop some of the avocado out to make enough room for an egg. Eating the extra avocado that you scoop out isn’t necessary, but it sure is delicious!

Place the avocados in pan (or any small baking dish) and sprinkle with salt, pepper and spices. I might even go so far as to suggest squeezing some lime juice over the avocado before adding the egg. I haven’t tried it, but I think it would help.

Once the inside of the avocado is sufficiently spiced crack one egg inside of each half. I cracked my egg into a small cup first and using a spoon I carefully scooped the egg into the avocado. I didn’t want it to run over uncontrollably, so by slowly scooping it in with a spoon I could then scoop some of the avocado out if need be. I surprising did a really good job of guesstimating how much room I needed for the egg, the egg fit perfectly, but I was glad that I took this extra step just incase.

Once the egg is safe and sound in the avocado, top with tomato slices or diced tomatoes (optional), sprinkle the whole thing with part-skim cheese, add more pepper (if needed) and put avocados into the oven until the eggs are done the way you like them (about 10 minutes for runny and 20 minutes for hard). I accidently overcooked my eggs just a tinsey bit, and so the dish was a little more dry than I would have liked; I compensated my error by adding some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and it was just fine. I think salsa would also work well here too!

I smeared the avocado/egg mixture over some whole grain toast and it was pretty good (not amazing but good), and on the whole very very easy to prepare. I think if I was having company these would be great because you could prepare many of them at the same time, and I now  know that I should use more spice next time.

Some of the photos I saw featured bacon sprinkled on top which I think could also be another great option instead of the cheese. I might try this with turkey bacon or chicken bacon next time.

I hope my brutal honesty isn’t too much to deter you from making these! I just think these slight adjustments would really make a big difference and you could make them even better! 😀 Give it a go and let me know what you think! If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them! I think there’s a lot of potential in this recipe and I just adding salt and pepper just didn’t do them justice.

Happy Tuesday, 
Short Presents 

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