What’s Playing Wednesday?

Recently I watched the film This Is 40 which is supposed to be the follow up to “Knocked Up. The movie was pretty funny, although slightly long; near the birthday scene I was ready for it to wrap up. Despite the movie being a bit drawn out, the soundtrack was actually quite impressive.
Most notable of
the film’s soundtrack, is when the main character Pete (who owns a independent record
company) goes to hear some music with his wife. The musician they go to see together just happens to be Ryan Adams
(playing himself of course). I was shocked to stay the least
to see him in such a film, and even more so to see a Margaret Kilgallen and Ed Templeton paintings on display.

I was excited to see Ryan Adams performing and looking rather healthy. Adams sort of dropped off the radar for a bit there, but now he’s back and he looks to be doing much better. His cheeks looked a bit fuller in the film, and at least he seems sober this time around 😀

I chose this older video (about a year ago) for this week’s “What’s Playing Wednesday” because I love the intimacy of this video. You have to respect a man who has enough courage to get up in front of a group of people with his guitar and just leave it all out there. 

Hope you enjoy it!
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