Hot Off The Runway

With over-sized jackets with bright colorful patterns, Mo definitely paid homage to the 1990s with her first collection. Mo was inspired by her 16 year-old-self and her favorite album at the time which reminds her to always be committed to yourself and to be great in whatever you do! Well you’re great hunny and you put on a flawless jaw dropping show.

Clutch Culture 2012 Presentation 

*All photographs by the talented: Montwedi Sebina

The second collection kicked off with a contemporary dance piece by the lovely Giselle Yeung. I will be posting a video of this number very soon! A dance performance at a fashion show? Somebody pinch me! I’ve died and gone to glamour heaven!


a fluid collection and a representation of Mo’s personal style. Full of bold prints, and bright colors; this collection is everything that is Mo Handahu. The body paint was very neat, and unexpected, but absolute PERFECTION for this collection of clutches. My one regret is that I could not purchase every single one of these purses. Admittingly swooning over the green and orange clutch!

Just when you thought you couldn’t be more impressed with her immaculate craftsmanship and eclectic style; Mo comes out for the final walk through in this amazing dress that she MADE! I do hope she starts a dress collection! 
Wishing you all the best honey bun!! 🙂 
Stay tuned blog reader for “Outfit Inspo” photos and live from the runway videos! Coming soon from Short Presents!!

Short Presents

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