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A conversation with the author and creator of StyleOnTheCouch.com 

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/

SOTC author is a psychologist by day, and fashion blogger by night. She’s got over 25 pairs of shoes in her closet, and both feet firmly fixed on the ground. With a strong lust for scandalous lingerie, and everything fashion at her New York City doorstep, it stands for reason that this woman has all her bases covered when it comes to fashion. Although she is probably more comfortable being the one asking the questions, I try my hand at turning the tables on the StyleOnTheCouch blogger.

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/
Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I have big curly hair.  I might be the only girl I know who does not have pierced ears.  I talk too much.  I worry a lot.  I’m a Brit in the Big Apple, psychologist and fashion blogger (a somewhat odd combination).
When did you start blogging and how did it come about?
I started blogging a little over two years ago. The blog was originally a way for me to develop my sense of style away from my professional work, since I was feeling quite restricted in what I could / “should” wear as a psychologist.  It became such a passion I kept it up!  It’s still very much me developing my own style and identity as an individual through fashion, but with a sprinkle of my life adventures too.

SOTC @ London Fashion Week Feb 2012
How do you manage a full time job, and blogging? Do they ever overlap?
In London it was difficult, since I think quality posts take time and effort, and working full time it’s hard to fit it all in.  Right now in New York City I’m working part time and I have more time to dedicate to the blog.  I still feel that the most important thing as a blogger is quality over quantity though, no matter how many times you post. 
My professional work and the blog are quite separate, but then I’m still ‘me’ in the therapy room too!

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/
Recently you attended NYFW what was your most memorable moment?
I love Milly by Michelle and this year I had a seat at her catwalk event.  I sat with a group of bloggers I really admire so that was such a highlight for me.  Watching the new collections unfold really is a “show” with the music, the energy, the anticipation… – they last minutes but it’s an amazing experience I don’t think I will ever tire of.

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/
If we were to stumble upon your closet what would we find?

A lot of black and white!  I’ve worked hard on introducing colour and prints to my wardrobe this year and I have enjoyed pushing my style boundaries but I remain faithful to monochrome.  You’ll likely find a collection of little black dresses (my Preen power dress is my favourite); a capsule wardrobe of Gap jean leggings in every colour under the sun and some bespoke lingerie, which I insist on hanging up because the pieces are just too beautiful to shut away in a drawer…

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/
What are you wearing right now?

I am wearing my Liefnotes (Leifsdottir) blouse with asymmetrical hem over my Between the Sheets lace bodysuit, Gap black legging jean and Dune lace up boots.  I love this look because it’s a little masculine, a little tuxedo style, but the blouse is very feminine around the edges.  I like fashion with contradictions!
What is your most coveted item in your closet?
Two items rival each other for this title.  I have a Preen power dress that has that perfect wow factor for a night out.  Recently however I bought a printed maxi dress from Rodarte’s collaboration with Opening Ceremony – it is so unique, layers, ruffles and cutout shoulders, that I’m always dreaming of the next place I can wear it.

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/
What is your fondest memory in relation to fashion or style?
Many years ago I worked as a researcher and the company who employed me did a piece of research for the Elton John Aids foundation.  We were invited to the party for the foundation and I found myself at the bar next to Isabella Blow.  At that time I had no idea who she was, she was just a lovely woman with a very funny looking hat on.  She paid me a lovely compliment.  I’m very fond of that memory, I’ve read a lot about her since – she is a true style icon.
How do you prepare for a photo shoot?
Usually by doing battle with false eyelashes.

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/
What is your biggest vice?
I spend a small fortune on false eyelashes.  If that doesn’t count then I would have to say cheese.  My favourite cheese is Comte, from France, and I can devour a block of it in no time at all.  Needless to say I don’t buy it often.

SOTC Photo Credit: http://www.lydiahudgens.com/
Tell us something no one knows about you?
I have an uncanny ability to recall 80s song lyrics.
What advice would you give other fashion bloggers or aspiring fashion bloggers?
Write about the things you love and find your voice.  Write posts that are consistently interesting, informative and humorous – then not only will you enjoy it you’ll build a following who enjoy your posts.  Don’t take it seriously too much of the time, don’t share too much, have a life outside your blog and connect again and again with labels and brands you care about.  Don’t follow the crowd.

Some great advice from the always lovely SOTC blogger, can’t wait to see what you get into next. 
Best of luck, 
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