This Just In: Calvin Klein Ballet Flats

Spring time brings many new things: extended daylight hours, chirping birds frolicking in puddles, budding flowers and if you are lucky the odd patch of glowing green grass.  Along with all of the new spring development also came a new pair of shoes. They certianly were not dropped off my a fairy Godmother or anything, but I just HAD to have them: big price tag and all. These Calvin Klein’s “Pash Dusty Tumbled” flats are so practical they basically go with anything. I mean look at these shoes, aren’t they just the sharpest little black flats you’ve ever seen? 

We will not discuss how much I spent on these shoes because it is more outrageous than I care to share with anyone outside of my vacant bank account. However, if there is one item that I am willing to spend money on: it is shoes, and okay maybe a good coat. You really can’t put a price on comfort when you are on your feet all day.

I’m not sure what makes me do these things…. like spend most of my entire pay check on a pair of simple black flats. I’m much like Valentino in that I just can’t help that I like pretty things, and these flats are divine, so I cannot be held responsible for opening my wallet to ensure I take home these one of nine pairs of  Calvin Klein “Pash Dusty Tumbled” flats. 

I am fairly certain that I have the world’s narrowest feet, and finding cute shoes that are narrow enough proves itself to be a challenge in a world where people typically have the reverse issue. If you are of the narrow flat feet variety, you feel my pain: literally. These flats have been the ONLY ones I have found that my heels don’t pop out of each and every time I take a step, and trust me I’ve looked.

But I have to be honest I adore these shoes for another reason; they strikingly resemble point shoes with their shinny square shaped toes. With just a little bit of bling, they can easily be dressed up or down depending on your outfit. Today I wore these flats with a black high waisted skirt, blue dress shirt tucked in, and black opaque tights similar to these photos below. I love the George line of tights available at Walmart, they are only 5$ a pair and the way I go through tights: they are the best bang for my buck.

c/o fashion4us.com

c/o kaboodle.com

What are your spending splurges blog reader? Do you have any items that you bend your budget for? 
Happy Friday Fashionista’s 


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  • Reply styleonthecouch.com March 24, 2012 at 1:01 am

    Spending splurges? Hmm where do you want me to start? I have no desire to spend a lot of money on shoes or bags, I go too nervous about ruining them, but I have no such qualms about dresses. I've seen a lovely yellow maxi from Tibi that I might just splurge on as soon as I'm feeling a bit spontaneous. Sometimes a treat is very good – and these shoes sound perfect for you!


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