Toasted Spicy Tuna w/ Spinach

Protein packed this sandwich is both filling and flavourful. The secret to making this sandwich better for you is the addition of spice, and the pickle juice. When ever you add spice to your foods you are not only adding an amazing flavour punch to your food, but you are actually helping out your metabolism. When you consume spicy foods it helps to numb your thyroid gland (in your throat), and actually helps you to metabolize your foods better. 
The spinach and other vegetables help to add crunch and substance to an otherwise boring sandwich. Tuna is a very lean source of protein, and not to mention it is extremely inexpensive. Just be sure to purchase light tuna and not white tuna; white tuna is extremely higher in mercury, so this is the one you want to avoid. High in omega 3s (a natural valium) and protein, tuna is a great option if you are looking to improve your mood and satisfy your hungry cravings while still keeping excess weight off. In order to lose weight, or maintain your weight you need to make sure you are getting enough protein because protein is what will keep you fuller longer, and also repairs your muscle after working out. Adding spinach to the mix only helps to increase of these things, as it helps to up your veggie intake for the day meanwhile providing you with vitamin B, folate, and iron to help you absorb the protein. 

The pickle juice is a great way to add more zing to your sandwich without all the added fat of mayonnaise. I used to facilitate a summer camp for kids, and some kids would have an egg allergy and so they could not consume mayo; this became problematic when we did off-centre day trips (4 times a week)  and we needed to take sandwiches with us for lunch. The brilliant lady that cooked for the daycare centre at the time came up with an amazing solution: sour cream and pickle juice. 

Now I happen to like the taste of olive oil mayo, but I don’t like a lot of it, and so I’ve adopted this method of adding a little bit of pickle juice. If you can leave your tuna salad mixture overnight in the refrigerator it is even better! The flavours all meld together and it’s simply divine on melba toast crackers.  

This sandwich makes a great lunch, or after school/after dance class meal, and it is effortless to prepare. 


Bread – (preferably purchased from Estia Restaurant) 
1 can of light tuna drained (do not eat white it is higher in mercury
1 tbs olive oil mayo
1-2 reduced salt pickles – diced
tablespoon of jalapeño peppers – diced
1/2- 1 cup of spinach, baby spinach, romaine lettuce (whatever green you got)
Celery diced (if you have it)
1/2 tbs olive oil – for bread
sprinkle of spicy pepper medley and/or regular cracked pepper. 


In a bowl combine all ingredients, tuna, veggies, peppers, and mayo and mix. Adding a little bit of the pickle juice to help thin out your mayo. This is an excellent way to create more moisture in your mixture without adding extra fat. 

Toast your herbed bread, and once it is ready spread a small amount of olive oil on the insides of the bread (very thin layer). Spread your mixture over the bread and top with more pickles (if you’re like me and LOVE them), or simple assemble and cut. 


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