Ciabatta Chicken Sandwich @ Boston Pizza

After franticly rushing around to get to a comedy show on time with a friend we arrived on time for the show, but we did not allot enough time for dinner. We decided to go grab a bite after the show instead. By the time the show was over I was famished, and I needed something quick. Honestly I eat every couple of hours, and when I don’t eat I get very irritable. I am very self aware, and so I always try to prevent the horrible monster from rearing its ugly head and so I always have something packed in my bag in case of emergencies. 

Except today, today was a different day my friends. For whatever reason I completely left my perpetually-worried-mind behind, and simply walked out of the house: sans snacks. 

So the comedy show was a hoot, and I literally laughed the entire time meanwhile my stomach was probably eating itself. We waited for the stadium to clear out,  so we could leave the Metro Centre, and make our way to Boston Pizza. Boston Pizza is not my typical go-to place for dinner, but I thought what the heck: I’m starving who cares

I cared… this was a miserable experience. I could have shot, killed, deboned and cooked a chicken before I got my order. Now you might be thinking, oh maybe it took a long time because all the people from the Metro Centre filtered into BP. Not the case my friends! The place was quieter than a morgue, and yet it took forever to get any kind of service. 

I ordered my sandwich and requested it come without mayo (ew), and judging by the description of the sandwich which led me to believe that the mayo and garlic butter were one in the same: I thought I was getting a plain bun. 

I was wrong! Apparently no mayo meant I wanted my sandwich bread dunked in butter before they placed the deliciously healthy vegetables and grilled chicken on it. After waiting for over a half hour for us to receive my friends food, and also waiting an additional 5-1o minutes (while my friend was enjoying her meal and I sat starving the death) to get my food: I ate the bloody buttered bread sandwich and I was not pleased. 

I realize that I was eating at Boston Pizza, and I so I knew better than to expect anything fancy, but it wasn’t fancy. I just wanted a simple grilled chicken sandwich to go with my salad. I know I’m being picky, and I’m the first person to admit it, but if I am paying for something I really feel that I should get what I asked for, not to mention this makes me wonder where else are sneaking butter Boston Pizza?

I just can’t wrap my head around why someone would lace my sandwich with butter, if the sandwich is on garlic buttered toast I feel like you should specify that on the menu. The menu clearly stated “roasted garlic mayo”. I know I should have said something to the waitress rather than ranting now, but really I was about to chew my own arm off if I didn’t eat something quick. I wasn’t about to wait for another 45 minutes to get my sandwich back the way I ordered it. 

I don’t go to Boston Pizza often so maybe I caught them on a bad night I suppose, but this was a first time and probably a last time I will visit Boston Pizza by choice. Poor service, combined with bad food, the only thing that was fair was the price, and that’s still not worth it in my opinion. Next time i’d rather pack my own sandwich: without butter. 

Happy Thursday,

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    Hey! Loved your blog! Will put you in my blogroll! xxx


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    Thanks dearie!! So happy you stopped by
    much love

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