The Tale of the Long Lost Burgundy Hat

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Burgundy Hat 

“It is a tale.Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury.  Signifying nothing” – Macbeth V.V
Initially intrigued by the sharp colour of this sassy hat, I immediately tried it on, peeked into mirrors, modelled it around the store for a bit, and then I politely returned it to the shelf it once so reluctantly sat upon. One must never do this at Winners; when it comes to shopping at Winners or Marshalls you must act now and think later. I learned this lesson the hard way, as I am sad to report. 

When I finally made up my mind and went back to the store to purchase the hat (only one week later) it had vanished without a trace from ALL three Winners locations in the Halifax area. I was devastated, as I thought for sure one of the locations would have it, actually wait a minute I’m STILL devastated. Whoever you are out there I hope you wear your classy burgundy hat with pride 🙂

Alas, I am going to live vicariously through this photo, and hope another one turns up soon. I realize now what I loved about this hat was that it seemed to have the potential to dress up any outfit, and I sort of liked its old world charm. When it comes to winter, it is all about the outdoor accessories I think. I feel it is easier to stomach hefty prices for coats, and boots because those are the items that people see the most. But when it comes to hats, and scarves those a dime a dozen, and so I tend to stray on the cheaper side for those items. I’ve found hats similar to this one, but for triple the price, and well I just can’t justify it, so alas I am a hatless idiot… until further notice. 

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