Apple and Arugula topped Haddock Served on Mushroom Risotto

Inspired by Brooklyn Warehouse’s “Fulton Fish”

Okay so I may have cheated a little; since we were in the process of moving I used my favorite handy dandy boxed mushroom risotto from the Atlantic Super Store. In the midst of boxes and dust I prepared us this lovely meal; we tried very hard throughout the move not to rely too heavily on take out. Even the day we moved in I made us dinner with the previously prepared chicken burger patties, and multi-grain rolls I had stowed away in the freezer. I’ll put that recipe up too it’s a good one.

On my birthday we went to the Brooklyn Warehouse for dinner, and it everything we ate was literally to die for. To read more about my Brooklyn Warehouse experience click here. 


I was inspired by this meal above labelled the “Fulton Fish” and wanted to recreate it at home.
So I did, and here’s how it turned out.

This recipe is surprisingly easy when you don’t need to prepare you’re own risotto. Which I will do in the future when I am not smack dab in the middle of a move. Any risotto recipes anyone? Send them to shortpresents@gmail.com I’d love to learn.

So I went to grocery store and I picked up just a few things: Fresh haddock, box of mushroom risotto, one crisp apple, baby arugula which by the way the president’s choice organic one is only 50 cents more, and you get more in the container.  


Prepare fish, I like to rinse it under cold water first, and then marinade it with a little bit of olive oil, kosher salt, freshly cracked pepper, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and sage. This time I splashed it with a bit of balsamic vinegar over top before putting it in the oven. Don’t ask me why because it just seemed like the right thing to do. I let the fish sit in the fridge soaking in the marinade for a least a half hour before popping it into the oven.

Boil the water for your mushroom risotto and prepare according to package (super easy).
While your risotto basically cooks it’s self, put the fish in the oven on 350 for about 20 minutes (DO NOT OVERCOOK! YUCK). I like to put it on broil at the end for about 3-5 minutes to give it some crunch on the top. I love pan seared fish, but I hate my apartment smelling like it, so I often cook fish in the oven.

While the fish and risotto cook prep the apple. Cut into match stick thin slices, and I like to leave the skin on for added fibre, texture and color. It looks great against the green arugula. Set the apples aside and squeeze some lemon juice on them if you don’t want them to brown.

When your fish and risotto are almost done, heat a skillet to medium temperature and add olive oil, arugula, apples, and about 1/2 table spoon of sugar. Again don’t ask me why I did this I just thought it would take away the bitterness of the arugula. I was winging it at best, but somehow it came out delicious. Toss the ingredients until the apples are slightly tender, but firm. Set aside for topping the fish.

Start assembling your dish by putting the risotto on the bottom, and then adding your fish. Finally top both with the apple arugula mixture, and voila c’est tout.

Happy Monday

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