How to dress for getting trapped in an elevator

Fashion Friday 

It’s that time of the week again; time to get your fabulous fashion fix before you head into the weekend. Every Friday Short Presents features a fashion and beauty related blog post, from inspirational outfit ideas to in-depth look at trends spotted directly on the runway. I read a lot of fashion blogs, and watch a lot of Fashion Television and I just write about when I like what I see. Today’s Fashion Friday Post is inspired by my recent incident with an elevator ride, I’ve decided to write a post about how to dress for getting trapped in an elevator

Because we all ride elevators at some point in our lives, we just never know when we could be stuck in one for a HALF HOUR! A half hour doesn’t seem that long, but it’s also relative to which side of the elevator you are standing on. Lucky for me I have no choice, I must take the elevator while I am at work, and so just as soon as I was let free, I was back on another one. 

Ma’am, can you hear me?” 
What seems to be the trouble?”
-“well the doors won’t open” (clearly I’m stuck in here genius, I’m not calling to chat)
Okay I’ll be right there” 
-“thanks, I’ll just wait here then”

I’ve assembled some must haves for getting trapped in an elevator: 

You will need a big purse, a Michael Kors Hamilton Tote would be lovely, and plenty roomy enough for a few isolation essentials. 

For instance, a book would be great to pass the time, might I suggest:
“Finding Myself in Fashion” by Jeanie Beker

You will also need some makeup in case you lose your mind and cry like a blubbering fool. Might I suggest Sephora Lipgloss it goes on great, and in this bright pink shade it is sure to lift your spirits, and boost your ego. Sephora coming soon to Halifax Shopping Centre near you. 

NO SHARP OBJECTS because you will use them, so that means no Bobbie pins, or nail files ladies. 

You’ll be slightly more aware of your fingernails than ever before, so make sure you have well manicured nails, so you don’t get the urge to mangle them or scratch your way out or the elevator. 

No short shorts: you might be there a while and you might need to take a seat on the dirty floor. No wonder the lady in the photo previous to this one has her eyes covered! Yikes! these shorts are short; not cute, and even not cuter if those butt cheeks are sitting on the floor of a dirty old elevator. Tetanus shot anyone?

Opt for trousers instead, I love these ones by Burberry, but at 375$ obviously you can find more affordable trousers elsewhere. 
High Waist Boot Cut Trouser – Burberry

Or even better a long accordion skirt from American Apparel for uber-comfort. I love how this blogger styled it with a simple white tank, and dramatic shoes.
A jacket or sweater to wrap your self. Covering your self up in a blanket minimizes anxiety and calms you down, so if you have trench it can double as both a jacket, and a blanket. I would suggest a darker shade, but I do love this jacket, and so it might be worth the dry cleaning bill.

Ray Bans in case you forgot your waterproof mascara, and you have raccoon eyes from your emotional roller coaster ride; with these timeless sunglasses you can exit with style. 

Happy Friday, 

If not otherwise specified today’s blog post photo have been brought to you by Google. 

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