Lunch and Learn with Ghassan Halazon CEO of Teambuy.ca

Lunch and Learn with Ghassan Halazon CEO of Teambuy
At the “Lunch and Learn” held at the lovely The Halifax Club, I had the opportunity to sit down one-on-one with the CEO of Teambuy. ca Ghassan Halazon. While being interviewed by CBC, I patiently waited in the beautiful “Moore Room” at the Halifax Club which was dressed in elegant creams, and starch whites. 

Unaware that I was getting a full on interview with Ghassan I quickly mustered up some questions to ask him before our “interview”. Eep!

I was lucky to sneak in a quick interview before Ghassan had to join the rest of the party for a sit down lunch, featuring a brief speech followed by a question and answer session with the 27-year-old success. Ghassan was very polite and professional during our interview which is impressive given (a) his age and (b) the amount of questions he’d probably been asked in the last hour. Ghassan was very down to earth, and heart felt in his speech, praising Halifax and even referring to the people here as “magical”. He plans on returning again in the future, and we’re looking forward to it. 

Thank you John Bowes (Marqedia Public Relations) for arranging the interview and getting me in to meet with Ghassan before I had to head back to work. Thank you Suzanne Robinson (Teambuy Halifax) for the lovely lunch, and this delicious cheese cake. You guys at Teambuy are just too good to me; thanks so much for everything. 

More on this interview coming soon!


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