Shorts and Tights

This week’s Fashion Friday is coming to you a wee bit late, but it is here none the less. Last night I sported a floral printed shirt (H&M) belted black shorts (Forever 21) and black tights and black patten leather shoes to The Paragon to check out a friend’s Burlesque performance.  

This look was inspired by all the Asian ladies I see out and about wearing shorts and tights: I’m loving the warmer weather here in Halifax, and so I am all over this look. I didn’t get a chance to take any selfies last night, so I borrowed these images from Google. You get it. 

Gwen has it all right here with black starting all the way from the toes to the hip, and then polished off with a lovely printed shirt. The red lipstick, Gwen’s signature look adds an element of rock and roll to this outfit. Love

Now there’s a few things to consider when wearing shorts and tights.

Left photo: Yes        Right Photo: No 

I am not a fan of these gray boots with the black leggings. You want a nice clean line from floor to hip, breaking it up will make you look shorter and stumpier. Also why isn’t she wearing a shirt?

  • Temperature; if it’s freezing outside don’t do it, it looks more trashy than chic. 
  • What you are paring them with. I personally like a denim with black tights and black shoes (it helps to elongate your legs). 
  • Make sure your shorts aren’t too tight, a little looser and the dresser the better. 
  • If you are going all black on the bottom, throw on a printed top, so you’re not too plain Jane, or some layered necklaces. 

Sorry for my tardiness, and lack of photos, the show was a blast.
Happy Saturday, 

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  • Reply styleonthecouch March 20, 2011 at 2:46 pm

    Next time we need a photo! I agree with your list of "dos" and "donts" here. I think those shoe boot things with the tights look awful – you definitely need a clean line from floor to hip. Gwen has it down perfectly, of course!


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