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Featured in the January Issue of Profile Halifax Magazine; we aim to show off Halifax’s finest, featuring great people, doing really great things here in our city. I had the opportunity to sit down with Megan McDougall as she shared her inspiring story.

The following is a snapshot of Megan’s article; you can find free copies of this article in its entirety at the Dalhousie Kiliam Library, Saint Mary’s, and many coffee shops all over the city. 

Moksha Yoga Halifax is committed to appealing to the mind, body and spirit. With a strengthening and detoxifying approach, this style of yoga is HOT. If you walk up to the studio (located on Dresden Row here in Halifax) for the Karma classes on any given Friday or Sunday night; the line extends out of the studio and wraps around the building as eager yogis hold their mats in all colors of the rainbow. Talking to some of the people in the lineup, I quickly learn that hot yoga is addictive—men and women alike openly express their love for the practice, and typically bring a new friend. 

Originally from Alberta, McDougall is bridging yoga and activism, this young woman started practicing yoga as a requirement while she was playing college basketball out west.  “It was different, it was all about rainbows and butterflies, and being a young basketball player, she and her teammates never really took it seriously “we used to laugh the entire time” —says McDougall.  It wasn’t until she blew her knee out and someone suggested hot yoga as rehabilitation that she really started to take it seriously. 

McDougall spent some time in Africa while attending University, and she still remembers the first thing her professor said when she landed in Africa: “Welcome to Africa, you will never leave.” Alarmed at first, she later realized what her professor really meant; there are certain images that one cannot unsee. McDougall felt compelled to do something and specifically became interested in the: Off the Mat And Into the World charity, McDougall approached Joanna (Moksha Yoga Halifax Manager) and asked if she would agree to teach all of the Karma classes on Sundays, would she be willing to put them on the schedule for the year.  Fully aware of the issues happening in our own backyard, McDougall feels that there are also global issues at work; one cannot go somewhere like Africa and not doing something; “something in me just changed after being there” —says McDougall.

It is interesting how life works out sometimes because McDougall moved out here, Moksha opened a week later, and she immediately started volunteering. “I remember walking into Moksha one day and I was so upset and Joe suggested that I go to teacher training; she planted the seed, and I left two months later for teacher training in India”.

Moksha offers a variety of skill leveled classes for the experienced and for the inexperienced alike. The dedicated staff volunteer their space, offering affordable (pay by donation), and multi-level classes to the community in order to raise money for local charities. The karma classes truly are a great situation for everyone involved.

 When we take the money it goes straight into a bucket, and it’s completely separate. Some people give 50 dollars, some people give 5 dollars; for the longest time I had two people who came and always paid 20 dollars

These all-skill-levels, 60-minute classes are offered at Moksha Yoga Studios all across the country and offered here at the Halifax location on Fridays at 9pm, and Sundays at 6pm. These classes allow for an inexpensive commitment free approach to yoga, a win-win situation for everyone. Although you are only required to pay 5 dollars for these classes, you are getting much more than you pay for:
You have your yoga traditions, but for someone walking in you’re not getting chanting, it’s not rainbows and butterflies, you actually talk to things that are real, you talk to your body parts and you talk to your breathing
The karma classes are both accessible and enjoyable, as you are doing something good for your mind and body and you are also giving back to the community. The Karma classes reveal Moksha’s commitment and dedication to balance and well being. The Moksha studio does very well for itself, and could easily be making money during these two hours a week, but instead they offer up their time, money, and space for local charities in need.

On behalf of Profile Halifax Magazine & Short Presents we would like to wish Megan good luck and safe travels as she embarks on a new journey 🙂 Having reached her goal of raising 20, 000 dollars Megan will be travelling to Africa this coming February. 
We wish you well,


Want to read this article in its entirety? 
You can find it in print in coffee shops all over the city.

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