Crystal clear ocean, lush green mountain ranges, deliciously diverse food, and amazingly friendly people: Puerto Plata really does have it all. Did I mention the warm sun?? Recently I had the absolute pleasure of being invited to visit Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. I’d been before, but it was nearly 10 years ago so I was more than eager to go back. And with Winter knocking on our door I was ready to make any excuse to enjoy a little more sun before the cold creeps back into Halifax. Instead of telling you about our trip how about I show you. Below is a video diary from my most recent visit to Puerto Plata, as well as some photos of me from my shoot with Montreal Photogragher @David_Maman. I met David at one of the social events on the trip, and he was so kind as to pop over to my resort the morning before I was flying out to take some photos of me. DOMINICAN REPUBLIC VIDEO DIARY WHERE WE STAYED As you can see from the video and photos above our resort was nothing short of spectacular. Newly opened, this past December, VH Atmosphere, an Adult-Only Resort … Continue reading PUERTO PLATA DOMINICAN REPUBLIC VISUAL + VIDEO DIARY