Microblading is still SUPER new, and so of course there are going to lots of questions and apprehension. I’ll admit even I was nervous and y’all know I’ll pretty much try anything in the name of beauty. But a tattoo on my face?? I don’t even have those on my body. I fully maintain that I’ve never liked anything enough to put it on my body, and also I’m a giant wuss. Remember Rachel on friends, when her and Phoebe decided to get tattoo and she comes home with a teeny tiny dot?? That would totally be me because I’m such a baby I’d likely be like OKAY and we’re done here. But this was different, and I’d been annoyed with my brows ever since I was in a car accident in high school. Scaring on my left eye made for A LOT of work to make it look like it’s sister on the other side. I have to say my friend were super great and definitely were curious about it which made me super interested in it too. They’ve since got it done as well, and love their brows! What to expect from your Microblading Appointment Not sure about … Continue reading MICROBLADING Q&A WITH BROWS BY BIANCA