Gift giving can be STRESSFUL, but it doesn’t need to be. I’ve round up some amazing products and items to help make your shopping easier this holiday season. Heck maybe you might ask Santa for this items for yourself (I know I would). From the beauty junkie to the activist here are some great gift suggestions for nearly everyone on your list.   THE BEAUTY JUNKIE We believe beauty comes from within! You skin is a reflection of everything that’s going on in your body, so what you put in is directly what you see on the outside. For any beauty junkie (at any age) Bend Skin Omega 3 supplements are a MUST. Topical skin treatments have limited penetration due to the epidermal barrier function. Bend Anti-Aging Formula overcomes this obstacle by delivering its 6 active ingredients via dermal blood supply. Although the epidermis does not have its own blood supply it is nourished by dermal cells via a process of diffusion. Bend Anti-Aging Formula improves the skin climate by altering eicosanoid production, signalling pathways, cell membrane function, and reducing oxidative stress. This physiological shift improves skin function, repair, and resilience. Clinically proven to assist in preventing the effect from … Continue reading THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE FOR NEARLY EVERYONE ON YOUR LIST