One of the insanely fun parts of my job is assisting on photo shoots. I absolutely love love photoshoots. It’s one of those days when you know you just get to be super creative with some wickedly talented people, and it also gives me an excuse to leave the office (yahoo). And for someone who’s usually in front of the camera, it is so nice to be behind the camera lending advice for a change rather than the other way around. When you’ve been doing this as long as I have (combined with 10 years of dance training) you get pretty good at knowing how to move a body to make it look better. Not that I had to make many suggestions as Brittany from Hind Hart Studies is amazing, and so great to communicate with the models to get that perfect shot! And the models were super great to take cues as well to get the shot. Also it totally helps that they are young and oh so beautiful haha :):) As you may have gathered we shot outdoors which always has it challenges, but what a beautiful day for it. Considering it rained cats and dogs the day … Continue reading BEHIND THE SCENES PSEUDIO FALL/WINTER PHOTO SHOOT