I’ve had my Invisalign for a little while now, and I figured I should give you an update on how things are going, and how I’ve been adjusting. Being someone that’s in front of the camera, as well as someone who attends a lot of events having Invisalign does come with its challenges. I’ve learned a couple things the hard way, but the good news is I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve that will help you through it. The first week is probably the most difficult because it’s definitely different.  While the trays are very comfortable and seamless (I might add) they do hurt the first few days. I mean your teeth are moving, so some discomfort is to be expected. If yours gets too bad try to resist the urge to take Advil because it could be something you’re probably better off getting used to rather than popping pills all the time. If you can slug through it, try. As far as irritating the inside of your mouth I didn’t have any issues with this, some people experience an increase in canker sores etc, but I didn’t find this to be the case for me. If this happens … Continue reading LIFE WITH INVISALIGN