Remember when I was swept off to Toronto, and part of a top secret shoot for Winners with non other than the talented Gabor Jurina (you might recognize some of the beauties he’s shot on his website > most notably a certain Taylor Swift). And this beauty expert in the shot above, Sheri Stroh who humbly shared stories with me about doing makeup for Orange is the New Black’s Laura Prepon, and many many others. It was an honor to be in her chair while she and stylist Juliana Schiavinatto glamorously transformed me for the shoot. As I headed to the shoot I actually had NO idea what to expect I mean it’s freaking WINNERS for cripes sake. All I could think was … How fun was this to be a part of? And how on earth did it happen to me? I said a million thank yous to the universe as I made my way to the shoot because having met the team already I knew I was going to be in good hands. I was also super excited that there was some overlap with the shoots so I got to see Gabby (Dentelle + Fleur) do her … Continue reading BEHIND THE SCENES WITH WINNERS