As you know blog reader I LOVE the Savour Food and Wine Show! I love it so much that I even took a break from my pre-beach vacation healthy eating to attend :):) And attend I did. I was all in, so much so that I ate myself into an oblivion but it was magical. There’s a reason why I say this is the best food event of the year. As a quick heads up I will worn you that the lighting inside the event was IMPOSSIBLE. I managed to snap some of these photo, but just don’t mind the ones with with some disco lighting haha 🙂 I’m not the best behind the camera, and besides my hands were too busy stuffing my face to concentrate on camera settings (as if I know what they are). With my media badge, and my camera in tow I made my way through the wonderland of tastes and flavors that is, the Savour Food and Wine Show.  Truth be told I ate myself into a coma. I tried as much as I could to eat something from each of the vendors, but despite my best efforts I tapped out early (I know … Continue reading SAVOUR FOOD AND WINE SHOW RECAP