I take gift giving pretty seriously. I think long and hard about the gifts I give to my friends and loved ones. I love finding that perfect item, and nothing makes me happier than to know that I’ve absolutely nailed it. When you’re buying gifts sometimes you can hit a wall. You pass by the same old stores time and time again, and you’re just not wowed by anything because you’ve mostly done it all before. I mean we all love getting new socks and pjs, but sometimes you just want to do better you know?? Cue the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s retail shop. Recently I popped in to see what they offered, and guys I was so impressed! They offered so much more than I could ever have thought. I don’t know why but I assumed I would just find coffee table books, and card stock (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but there was actually SO much more! The Gallery Shop at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, is so much more than your typical museum gift shop. After having some amazingly refreshing conversations with the the staff it was evident that they really love what … Continue reading GIFT IDEAS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY AT AGNS