Embarrassed about your smile? Have you ever wondered about Invisalign? We’ve all seen people wearing them, browsed the little pamphlets in the waiting room at the dentist, but do these clear plastic trays actually work? With an overbite that begs for correcting, and some teeth that constantly recede I‘ve decided to try it out for myself. And of course I couldn’t make such a commitment without taking you dearest blog reader along for the ride. Today I’m sharing some information about Invisalign and what you can expect! Recently I’ve partnered with Halifax dentist, Dr T Daniel Lawen, of Lawen Dentistry conveniently located on Spring Garden road in the professional building. And honestly I can’t say enough about this man. Not only is he informative (which is good because I ask a lot of questions) he’s also very kind and considerate. His friendly personality makes being at the dentist a breeze, and for someone who’s had a number of things go wrong with other dentists in the past being in Dr. Lawen’s chair with his lovely staff feels very safe: something I haven’t felt for a very long time.  Why are you getting Invisalign? Your teeth are straight? You’re right my … Continue reading #SPINVISALIGN